Our team of creative professionals has established itself in showbiz and live performances. We work with major production companies such as Talpa TV, Blue Circle, IDTV and Pilot Studios to capture the essence of live shows with high-level video content. When you work with us, you’ll be amazed at how small the bridge becomes from the initial idea to the implementation. 

Ons team van creatieve professionals hebben zich bewezen in de showbiz van live performances. We werken samen met grootte productiemaatschappijen als Talpa TV, Blue Circle, IDTV en Pilot Studio’s om de beleving van de live shows met videocontent naar het hoogste niveau te tillen. Het is waanzinnig hoe klein de brug van fantasie naar daadwerkelijke uitvoering wordt als je met ons werkt.



Our skillset isn’t limited to video content. We’re creative generalists with knowledge about all dimensions of a show and plan to do more more of this in the future.


The idea

Hans (founder of Pivot & LedGo) was the light operator at Marco Borsato’s concert in De Kuip. He noticed that there were LED graphics but they didn’t match the music. A loss in the show and a gap in the market appeared. From this moment on, the Pivot system was developed.



After having been developed and tested, the Pivot system was used at the first show: Love Letters by Linda de Mol in 2004 and it was a success. Thanks to this show, the ball started rolling. Welcome Pivot!


Middle East

Not only the Dutch showbiz was interested in the Pivot system and the video content we created with it, but also the Middle East. With the Pivot system, we got to realize the whole set for different shows such as The Voice of Arab etc.


Founding LedGo

Due to a lack of good LED materialin the Middle East, the need arose to develop LED panels in-house that were of good quality and not too expensive. The 30mm-panel was developed and with it was the foundation of LedGo B.V.


The Voice Of Holland

Pivot had been used in the studio of various productions for a number of years when a fantastic opportunity presents itself: LED floor and real-time content for The Voice of Holland. You can find us there in the studio to this day. 


Dance Dance Dance

Everything we’ve done so far would be surpassed at Dance Dance Dance. The video content had to be better, more realistic and on an immensely large screen measuring 26m x 6m. This project took the content to the next level. You can still find us in the Dance Dance Dance studio. 


Expand The Horizon

Our goal is to further expand in the future. We have earned our place in television and live entertainment and want to broaden our market by looking at B2B events, presentations as well as content for fairs and festivals.